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Working IN your restaurant


Working ON your restaurant.

People who work ON their restaurant work less hours and make more money.

We believe in and coach towards these 5 Pillars of Success for Restaurateurs.

Our Leadership Team

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About Monte Silva

Monte has worked in the restaurant industry since he was 15 years old and has over 20 years experience as a restaurant manager. He had a very successful restaurant career early on. He rose from bar manager, service manager, kitchen manager to GM for Wolfgang Puck in the first four years in management. During his time with Wolfgang Puck he was featured in David Steadman’s book Beverage Biz is Show Biz. However, this fast rise cost him dearly. Monte Silva Coaching


About Bryan Meredith

A Serial Entrepreneur / Senior Manager with a track record of maximizing resources, calming high stress situations, focusing on positive results while achieving success through teamwork. Skillfully empowers employees in a collaborative manner in order to finish projects successfully and on time. Combines technical knowledge and common sense to understand highly complex projects and break them down into basic parts so every member of the team can understand how to collectively work together to meet goals and objectives. Reputation for a strong work ethic, very approachable and committed to corporate success provides any organization with a dynamic leader who can get the job done.
Bryan Meredith Restaurateur Coaching

Coaches who are Advocates of #Restaurateur and the 5 Pillars of Success for Restaurants

We welcome other Restaurateurs (Coaches, Vendors and Restaurant Owners/GM’s) to contact us and be part of our Hashtag Restaurateur Cooperative. In order to join us, you need to be aligned with and promote our 5 Pillars of Success for Restaurants. Interested in more information? Contact us today. IT’s FREE!

About Alison Anne

“Working with restaurant owners to build their teams and their bottom line was never Alison’s first choice of career. She was going to be… AN ACTOR. And this restaurant thing? Just a side gig. As you do, right? But that industry life got into her blood, and 16 years later she was leading a team of 50 people doing $5m a year in revenue in one of DC’s biggest sports bars.
Alison Anne Coaching

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About Mark Steele

Mark Steele, the founder and primary educator at The Restaurant Hospitality Institute, is a Las Vegas native and fourth generation restaurateur. Mark has been living restaurants and hospitality for his entire professional career. He has trained and coached thousands of restaurant professionals over the past decade; conducted trainings for many successful and diverse restaurants in the capital of hospitality, Las Vegas.

Headshot Troy Hooper

About Troy Hooper

Troy has over 30 years of hospitality management in luxury and casual dining, Troy brings a breadth of knowledge and diverse experience to Kiwi Restaurant Partners (KRP). Troy has built new concepts, redesigned and rebranded existing restaurants and hotels, and improved upon well-established venues throughout the U.S. for iconic brands such as Hilton Corporate properties, Sheraton, TPC Golf Clubs, as well as luxury Caribbean resorts, and exclusive private memberships clubs.

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