Bryan Meredith

At Sunset

A Senior Manager with a track record of maximizing resources, calming high stress situations, focusing on positive results while achieving success through teamwork. Skillfully empowers employees in a collaborative manner in order to finish projects successfully and on time. Combines technical knowledge and common sense to understand highly complex projects and break them down into basic parts so every member of the team can understand how to collectively work together to meet goals and objectives. Reputation for a strong work ethic, very approachable and committed to corporate success provides any organization with a dynamic leader who can get the job done.

Over the past 50 years I’ve experienced a lot. In those experiences from learning how to operate a Naval Nuclear Power plant, owning a ISP selling DSL service, cleaning dishes, running the Expo line, BeerTending, Food Running, and remotely managing the overall operations of my 4 Restaurant locations as well as multiple concession stands in a Minor League Baseball Park, NBA Arena, NASCAR speedway, and PGA Golf Tournaments I’ve gathered together a wealth of knowledge that is available to all those eager to learn.

I am a huge believer in our Core Principles, but focus most of my energy on the first two: People and Processes. If you get those right, the rest fall in line. Reach out today and let’s talk.

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