Our Story


Acquaintances, then Friends and now, Fellow Advocates for the 5 Pillars.

Monte and Bryan connected on LinkedIn and began conversations online sharing their thoughts and passions of the Hospitality Industry. Soon after that, a trip to Nashville was on Bryan’s calendar. Then Covid hit and not only were their plans to meet disrupted but so was the entire industry as we knew it.

During Covid, the two continued their conversations and began to discuss what changes they would make in their lives and how the industry would need to adapt.

In the Fall of 2020, Monte and his family drove down to Florida on vacation. While in Florida, Monte and Bryan met in person for the first time at Speaks Clam Bar in Sarasota. While enjoying smoked old fashioneds, appetizers, and conversation they formed an alliance dedicated to sharing their knowledge to help others.

Combining their 75 years of Hospitality Experience was a no brainer. They formed a plan to start sharing their knowledge and created a platform to help others in the industry. This platform is Hashtag Restaurateur.

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