PROCESSES are a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. Bryan being an old Navy guy will relate this as a SOP ( standard Operating Procedure). The idea here is that everything that you do in your restaurant more than once should have a Process. This Process should be written, saved, taught and reviewed often as it may need to be adjusted for several reasons.

If a failure occurs, it is simply a case of either your PEOPLE failed to follow the processes, or the PROCESSES don’t work. The trick is know which is the case and making the adjustments necessary to improve. Don’t automatically say the fault is on the PEOPLE side. The main reason PROCESSES must be reviewed from time to time is that you may have changes in on your team, and new skillsets and new ideas allow for improved processes that better work with the team members.

There could be a lot of categories, but we have selected these as the primary focus of Pillar #2 PROCESSES.


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