Many times Restaurateurs think of purchases as simply the cost of goods sold ( COGS) and they try to keep those numbers as low as possible. There is SO much more to PURCHASES than that and it’s a pretty critical aspect to the success of failure of your restaurant.

Things to think about are who you purchased from and what do you purchase, how did you pay, what quantity did you buy, why did you buy that from that person. Or maybe, it’s what did your guest purchase, how did they purchase, where did they purchase? Did they purchase inside the restaurant or online, was it a full price purchase, a discount, use a coupon or maybe didn’t purchase at all?

There could be a lot of categories, but we have selected these as the primary focus of Pillar #3 PURCHASES.

What you Purchase
What your guests Purchase

Our advocates are highly skilled in these areas and can help you if needed. Engage with one of our Advocates.

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