Alison Anne

“Working with restaurant owners to build their teams and their bottom line was never Alison’s first choice of career. She was going to be… AN ACTOR. And this restaurant thing? Just a side gig. As you do, right? But that industry life got into her blood, and 16 years later she was leading a team of 50 people doing $5m a year in revenue in one of DC’s biggest sports bars.

And after seeing the high level of burnout, dissatisfaction, and turnover plaguing the industry, she discovered she had a knack for drilling down into the heart of what makes restaurants – and restaurant people – tick. Now her love for the industry has her focus on employee support and well-being, from the GM to the dishwasher, and working with her clients to connect their vision and growth initiatives to their employees’ needs. And oh yeah, actually having the time and processes to do something about it. You can learn more about me and what I do by visiting my site Restaurant Revolution

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